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5 Things that kill your IW app performance
(02-14-2024, 11:12 AM)Mikael Nilsson Wrote: I just started my application in Delphi 12 and IW15.5.6 for the first time.
And I got this message: SessionOptions.SessionTimeout is locked. Suggestion: Set in ServerController OnConfig event instead. 

I can see in the ServerController SessionOptions that there are many new properties
LockedSessionTimout etc. Explination is in order.

I'm setting the WebApplication.SessionTimeout after the user have logged in because different user shall have different Timeout values.
Can't I do that anymore?

Found it. I did     gServerController.SessionTimeOut:=WebApplication.SessionTimeout;
I just removed that one
Sure, here are 5 things that can kill your IW (Interactive Web) app performance, especially when using VPS server hosting:

  1. Insufficient Resources: If your VPS server doesn't have enough RAM or processing power, your IW app may lag or crash.
  2. Poor Code Optimization: Sloppy or inefficient code can slow down your IW app, causing delays in loading and responsiveness.
  3. Heavy Traffic: A sudden surge in visitors can overwhelm your VPS server, leading to slow response times for your IW app.
  4. Lack of Caching: Without proper caching mechanisms, your IW app may have to generate content from scratch every time, putting unnecessary strain on your server.
  5. Network Latency: Slow network connections between users and your VPS server can make your IW app feel sluggish, especially for remote users or those with poor internet connections.
Make sure to address these issues to optimize your IW app's performance on VPS server hosting.

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