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WYSIWYG end-user editor with image and mobile support
For a customer I am searching for a WYSIWYG editor integrated with IW to add and update visit reports, installation notes etc.
They should be able to add text and photo's taken with a mobile and additional markup styles like bold, italic, bullets etc.

Currently they use Evernote but they are not happy with it. They would like to keep there data local in there own database with better integration with their ERP system.

I prefer a solution without a monthly / annual free per end-user. A paid development license is possible.

Are there users of IW who already solved such an issue?
Hi, you can use:
You can also look at
It is also integrated into CG DevTools ... great product but their support is VERY poor these days.Angry
Thanks Jose and zsleo. I'll examine these options shortly.

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