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WinForm WPF

I'm wondering if crosstalk can handle .net WinForm controls or .net WPF controls so I can use them in Delphi?

CrossTalk questions are more appropriate in the CrossTalk forum so I have moved it to there.

CT can handle some limited UI controls but it is not the focus of CrossTalk and what it can do in the UI space is limited. CT cannot handle individual controls. To use WPF or WinForms you have to use what in Delphi we would call a frame or a panel. You then put WPF controls on that panel, then you can put that whole panel inside a square section on your VCL form. Events etc though must be manually wired up and there are often interop issues. CT even had some WPF demos made for it in the past but as demand for such as so little and the side effects of interop, we stopped maintaining or supporting them. The side effects are not limited to CT and many existed even within .NET when a developer would interop WPF with WinForms. MS had the same issue as us, very little interest and they basically stopped doing any work in this area.

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