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How can I get started? Documentation?
I recently installed the Delphi 11 demo. Every sample project on GitHub generates problems about missing assemblies, some on drives/paths that are clearly from the development/build system, such as Assembly not found: D:\Source\CrossTalk\Source\CrossTalkWPF\bin\Debug\CrossTalkWPF.dll

I figured out how to incorporate an assembly into a test project. Aside from that, I am not sure how to get started with CrossTalk. I have an essential project that I would like to construct in Delphi. But I can't do that, let alone decide whether to buy CrossTalk, if no instructions are supplied on how to use it.
In my opinion, ensure all dependencies are downloaded when cloning the repository. Correct any hardcoded paths in project files to match your environment. Add missing assemblies manually if necessary. Refer to CrossTalk's documentation for setup guidance. This will help you run sample projects and decide whether to purchase CrossTalk for your essential project.

I hope this will help you.

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