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IntraWeb 15.6.0 is out!
(04-16-2024, 08:10 PM)valmeras Wrote: I am using C++ Builder 10.2.3 (Rad Studio 10.2.3)
My Intraweb application is deployed on Windows server 2019 Essentials
With new Intraweb version 15.6.0, I cannot deploy my application when the new compression feature, ServerController.Compression.CompressorImplementation, is set to libdeflate!
But if I set it back to zlib it is deployed OK.

So far it seems to me that the new option requires to deploy the application with some additional files.

I am still searching what is the problem and which files need to be deployed with the executable if necessary.

And by the way, libdeflate, does it work only with Delphi or also with C++ Builder?

Regarding the new compressor:

It's an external library writen in C language that is linked with our code. However we build it ourselves using GCC (and believe me, it took a long time to get it right). 
The reason it is extremely fast (and I want to empasize it "extremely") is because it uses some features of modern processors (e.g. AVX instructions).
It may present problems in some processors (or compilers) that we've not identified yet. But we are working to identify the problem and fix it.

(04-17-2024, 05:49 AM)Alexandre Machado Wrote:
(04-16-2024, 11:21 AM)Comograma Wrote:
(04-16-2024, 01:49 AM)Alexandre Machado Wrote: Hi guys,

another new and exciting IntraWeb release 15.6.0 is avaialble for download.

This version brings the new libdeflate compressor for Delphi, which is 2 to 3 times faster than the standard Delphi zlib implementation and also faster than our previous zLib Cloudflare branch. On my development machine it is exactly 2.6 times faster than zlib when built with Delphi 11.3 or Delphi 12 and 12.1   Cool

Remember that HTTP(S) compression is an important part of most IW applications (SA, Indy and Http.sys) and just by compiling your application with the new 15.6.0 it will have an instant performance boost.

Enjoy!  Big Grin
I see that some bugfixes where made to IWjQGrid.
I have RenderCDNFiles and RenderLocalFiles both set to True. Do I need to load bootstrap.min.css and bootstrap.min.js files? 
If I load both these files at runtime, the TIWBSSelect components won't dropdown. And this happens because I'm using these two files for better looking (selectpicker class):

Am I doing something that I shouldn't?
I'm calling IWBSLibSetCDNS procedure from ServerController.OnConfig.

And I still think that file all.min.js is missing, when running app from the IDE with RenderCDNFiles = False and RenderLocalFiles = True, because if I do not load this file at runtime, the navigations buttons of the IWjGrid wan't appear correctly. See attached image.

Hi Comograma,

I think I'll need to know exactly how your TIWjQGrid is configured.

Can you please copy it and paste it here as text?

In theory you should't need to use anything external (adding to PageContext via code)... but I'd really need to test your specific case.
I guess it's better to give you my testcase. It's attached.
After running this testcase from within IDE, it will download the files like you said.

Than if I set RenderCDNFiles = False and RenderLocalFiles = False and load all those files in runtime, on the IWAppFormRender (see testcase), the IWBSSelect won't dropdown. If I remove bootstrap.min.js, it will dropdown with the expected looking (see initialization section on ServerController unit), looking accomplished with loading both files
Maybe I'm doing something, wrong, tell me.

I have another application, that I can't put here, that the DBNavigation buttons will not be showed correctly if I do not load all.min.js file, that is not downloaded when running app from within IDE, with RenderCDNFiles = False and RenderLocalFiles = True.
Can't understand why, because my IWjQDBGrid is set the same as the testcase attached. Any thoughts?

Another think that I already ask here, is that when I open a modal window (button "Janela modal") with a IWjQDBGrid, the grid do not present it's content, I have to press "Refresh" button. How can I accomplishe this?

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