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IW 15.5.7 is out
(03-05-2024, 01:04 PM)PaulWeem Wrote:
(03-05-2024, 10:39 AM)Blanca80 Wrote: Hello,

i've installed this latest version but i didn't khow that the license had expired a few days ago and, upon trying to install without success obviously due to expiration, it removed all the intraweb software from my computer, making it impossible to continue working normally. Is there any way to restore even the latest version installed until the new license is issued? Thank you.

Yes, there is.
What is the last version covered by your license?


I think the latest version 15.5.8 is covered by our license because the expiration date was on 24ht of february and the version was published one day before, otherwise the 15.5.6 is covered for sure. But don't worry, the installation finally worked.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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