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CG Dev Tools
I want desperately to move to Delphi 12.

The only thing holding me back is CG Dev Tools ....

I cannot get any response from them .... and I have tried!

I think it is time to move from CGD but to what?

I have a few large code base apps that will take a LOT of effort and cost a lot to move.

By the look of it, IW bootstrap is the most promising option but, again, it will take a lot of effort.

Any and all pointers, advice, etc. will be welcomed.


P.S. I am still getting notification emails from CGD requesting I pay my annual subscription that is due this month .... Big Grin
Yes. I had the same problem with CGDevtools.
It took me few weeks to migrate to Bootstrap and the time to be used to its CSS. But after that, I am fine with a free tool!
Whatever time it will take, do it!

And in my case, I did not use IWBootstrap!
Use Bootstrap templates directly. It will be easier for updates.
Thank you for sharing the links.  I went from normal IW with no templates to CGDevtools.  time to build a simple app and see what I learn.

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