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Http.sys application prompt HttpSendHttpResponse failed
Hello guys,

I'm using Delphi 11 and IntraWeb 15.4.0. I encountered an issue when Http.sys application calling WebApplication.TerminateAndRedirect which prompts the error "A call to HttpSendHttpResponse (0) failed: The parameter is incorrect", what am I missing? 

I have attached a sample project for your reference. Please kindly assist. Thank you.

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I tested it without your virtual host names (Because I can't use them anyway) and it worked as expected using latest version 15.5.2

I suspect that it is something related to your bindings. Can be also related to the machine itself (have you tested in more than 1 Windows version?)

I'll need more time to find out what's wrong with it....
Above issue is solved after upgrading to version 15.6.0. Thank you.
Thanks for the feedback

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