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How to get started? Documentation?
I just installed the demo version for Delphi 11. Every demo project on GitHub throws errors about missing assemblies, some on drives/paths that are obviously from the development/build system, such as Assembly not found: D:\Source\CrossTalk\Source\CrossTalkWPF\bin\Debug\CrossTalkWPF.dll

I figured out how to add an assembly to a test project. Outside of that, I do not know how to get started using CrossTalk. I have an important project that I would prefer to build in Delphi. But I can't do that, let alone make a decision about purchasing CrossTalk, if no information is provided on how to use it.

I found the video that Chad did with DavidI, which got me a little further. I added a group of assemblies to my project that are needed for SQL Server SMO. "Generate Now" runs for a while. But then it gets "stuck". It appears to be frozen/locked up, except it is still racing one of the processors.

Any advice would be appreciated. If I can't get CrossTalk to work, I need to find another solution. I am now investigating TJclClrHost.


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