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How to get started? Documentation?
I just installed the demo version for Delphi 11. Every demo project on GitHub throws errors about missing assemblies, some on drives/paths that are obviously from the development/build system, such as Assembly not found: D:\Source\CrossTalk\Source\CrossTalkWPF\bin\Debug\CrossTalkWPF.dll

I figured out how to add an assembly to a test project. Outside of that, I do not know how to get started using CrossTalk. I have an important project that I would prefer to build in Delphi. But I can't do that, let alone make a decision about purchasing CrossTalk, if no information is provided on how to use it.

I found the video that Chad did with DavidI, which got me a little further. I added a group of assemblies to my project that are needed for SQL Server SMO. "Generate Now" runs for a while. But then it gets "stuck". It appears to be frozen/locked up, except it is still racing one of the processors.

Any advice would be appreciated. If I can't get CrossTalk to work, I need to find another solution. I am now investigating TJclClrHost.

It may be a misbehavior when you change the type names and/or the assembly name.

It may happen that the library takes a long time to resolve the assembly names and types.

In any case, delete (or rename) the .CTP file that CrossTalk creates on the same folder where your project is. Then you will need to add the assemblies and the types again, but it should work.
I tried CrossTalk with Delphi 11, but none of the demos worked. They all had missing assemblies from the developer's system. How can I use CrossTalk if there is no documentation or guidance? I have a project that needs .NET libraries, but I can't decide if CrossTalk is worth buying.

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