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TIWVideo file size limit?
Working with the IWVideo demo program. If I copy lion.mp4 to a directory on my server, set iwvideo.videofile.url to that directory and run, all is well. If I change to the video I actually want to play, which is 1.5G, I get a spinning wait indicator and then nothing. The lion video will show "0/0:15" in the player, my file only "0". It doesn't seem to load.
My question is, then, is there a file size limitation, or do I need to do something other than RefreshAsyncRender to get a large file to play?
Hi David, technically speaking there is no limits. The issue is that the browser is trying to download the whole video at once which will obviously fail.

We have video streaming ready to include in the next IW version. If you can wait a few days it will resolve this issue that you have
If you are subscribed in our Telegram channel, have a look there. I just posted a video showing how streaming of a big 3 GB file works smoothly with the new release
Thank you! I'll try to jump over there and check it out.
Hmmm. Looks like I'll have to wait for the release. Telegram wants to use my phone and I don't do Mail, Facebook, or any of that on it. Just me.

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