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SSL Certificate for stand alone IW Server
(03-28-2023, 10:59 AM)Сергей Александрович Wrote: thank you for participating. Yes, that's right, that's what I'm doing... It seems that the problem is not how I specify the keys, but in the Windows settings....

Based on my limited experience with certificates, it seems that the root certificate (chain) being installed is incorrect.

Download win-acme ( and run the following command from your server (make sure port 80 and 443 are open in the windows firewall):

wacs.exe --target manual --emailaddress --host, --webroot D:\wwwroot --store pemfiles,centralssl --pemfilespath D:\certs --centralsslstore D:\certs --test

Make sure D:\wwwroot and D:\certs exists (you can use any directories you want, just replace them in the command). If you don't get any errors, remove the --test from the end of the command line and run it again. You will get into D:\certs all the cert files you need. Try using those in your application.
It seems that the problem lies in the fact that the certificate (STAGING) Doctored Durian Root CA X3 expired in the certificate chain. Please tell me where to download a valid certificate?
Thanks to everyone who participated in solving my problem. My mistake was that the key generation was performed by the URL of the test certificate. As a result, there was an expired certificate in the key chain.

Bottom line: To generate the key correctly, you need to use the URL It is listed second in the list of possible ones. My mistake was caused by the inaccuracy of the translation. Thanks again to everyone and good luck to those to whom this information will help in solving problems.

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