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call intraweb function from javascript
Hello Sir
I am a C++ user
I am using html tag for button like this;
<button id="btn1" onclick="OnbtnClick(5,0)"> please click</button>
two parameter to javascript function

function OnbtnClick(x,y)
-- some code---
return ajaxCall('MyIwFunction', {i:x, o: y1, z: document.getElementById(cName).value}, false,function(response) {});
ajax call is working properly I am able to receive the value of "cName" as parameter z. depending on the value of y1 I am opening a dialog box using IWModalWindow it is also working.

Now the Issue:
when I am trying to select from IWComboBox -> IWComboBox1Change windows disappears .
but if I use IWModalWindow->Show() from IWButtonClick (OnClick Event) and trying to select in the same way it work perfectly.
same way if I use IWButton5AsyncClick to show window on change windows disappears .

How I can call a Intraweb function from "onClick event" of the button like it work for IWButton OnClick.

Please provide me some code in C++;
Are you able to provide a minimal test case showing the issue? It's hard to find out what is happening from your description.

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