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C++ Builder Opportunities?
Howdy All!

Sorry to post this message here if it is against forum protocol, I apologize.

Well, my ~18 year C++ Builder Windows / Intraweb reservation system finally was end-of-lifed on 10/31.

I have spent the last week looking at Dart / Flutter, and it just seems so F__ed up to me. It seems to be aiming more at the javascript group as opposed to C/C++/etc. 

I spent most of 2021 looking at FMX, but it has so many issues that prevent it from being used for serious development. 

I am back to what I know... C++ Builder for Windows / Intraweb.  At 58, I still find software development exciting if I am a good fit for the project. 

So before I give up on my 41 year development career, I figured I would ask here if anyone knows of a small company looking / needing a VCL / Intraweb C++ developer? 

If so, please post / e-mail me.

All the best,


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