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No action/event in generated HTML code
I'm trying to create a web app using Delphi (10.4.2), Intraweb (15.2.66) and IWTemplateProcessorHTML and I have a result i don't understand when I use a in-house custom class TIWAppForm as basis to create my forms.

To simplify, I created a small test case, one time using the common TIWAppForm, and the other one using our custom TIWAppForm :
  • 2 forms
  • FormA contains a ComboBox (with a label to display the selected itemIndex with OnChange event) and a button to call FormB (with OnClick event)
  • FormB contains only one button to callback FormA (with OnClick event)

When I use the common TIWAppForm, everything works fine, the events are called, I can select a value in the ComboBox and toggle between forms.
But when I use my in-house TIWAppForm, the components have no effect. Breakpoints in my procedure are not reached, nothing happens.
When I inspect the HTML code in my browser (Edge, Firefox or Chrome), the only difference I see is missing tags "event" in the verison using the custom class.

Common class

Custom class

I inspected my custom class to find the reason why my events are not included in the generated html page, but I don't find it.
I don't know if the issue comes from a parameter or from a piece of code.
Any idea about the cause of removing the events from the generated HTML page ?

Many thanks for your help.
Hi again,
I made ZIP files with my 2 testcases, my explanation is not very clear and I hope that my problem will be easier to understand/identify if you can test each version.
The 2 files are available here : is the working version using the original TIWAppForm object for my units. is the non-working version using our own class (named TIWForm_BasePage, coming from unit uAwWebBasePage) for my units.

Any help will be really appreciate.
Have a nice week-end.

Indeed it is strange, I carried out the test at home and I have the same result as you.
I am currently working on a similar project and have followed this training video on intraweb and bootstrap, I am using a form which is derived from the Intraweb base form and it works perfectly.
In contrast, my first form is an intraweb base form.
here is the link of the video it might help you

source code

I started from there to build my project, however, I don't use Bootstrap components but basic intraweb components and templates like on this video.
Good luck
Hi Alain,
Thank you for your test.
Is it possible that the problem comes from the name of the class used for my forms ?
Maybe Intraweb "magic" is not applied because the class name is not IWAppForm, but my own name (TIWForm_BasePage) even if my class is inherited from IWAppForm.

I already know this Youtube video, I also used it to discover the template functionnalities and start my project (with standard IW components and Bootstrap only in the HTML templates).

Have a nice day.

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