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Login APIs

Are you implementing OAuth2 for users to login to IW Apps OR OAuth2 to Google, Apple, etc. for authentication to allow login to IW OR both.

Kind regards,
(02-21-2023, 11:41 PM)Alexandre Machado Wrote: @zsleo,

the class is simple and generic enough to allow subclassing and possibly some level of customization and extension.

The basic functionality for now allows user to obtain an oAuth2 access token that can be used to communicate with other applications which require that form of authentication. This class is another one to make use of our TIWHTTPClient class which simplifies the HTTP request/response process in an IW app.

We intend to expand it in the future, of course. If you have any particular requirements, please let me know and I'll consider them.

Kind regards,

Hi, is there a date for the next update containing this new class?


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