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IW 15.2.29 is out
Hi guys,

after a deep refactoring in IntraWeb setup which occurred before IW 15.2.28 release, we found an issue in the installer when both FastMM4 and ScaleMM2 are checked (optional components during installation).

So we are releasing a new build IW 15.2.29. Should install correctly for all scenarios now.
BTW some users get confused about FastMM4 and ScaleMM2 components. Here goes some general information about both:

In general:
- We recommend FasMM 4992 as the memory manager to be used in production, in your IntraWeb applications. It performs better than std Delphi memory manager for multi-threaded applications (which is also a FastMM4 branch). This version 4.992 is the latest version and it contains several enhancements created especially for multi-threaded application servers. We have tested it extensively and it is *rock* solid. As solid as a memory manager could be.
- ScaleMM2 may also be used in production and some applications perform even better with it under heavy load, compared to FastMM4. Some users reported considerable performance gains when switching from FastMM4 to ScaleMM2 in production (up to 30%). However, I strongly suggest that you DO NOT take it for granted and *test* it thoroughly!
- You only need to install these memory managers once per IDE. You don't need to install them every time you install IntraWeb.
- New IW 15.2.29 setup allows FastMM4 and ScaleMM2 to be installed from a local file (in case you want to store the IW setup program and use it completely offline). In that case, just keep the zip files on the same folder where the IW setup application is, and IW setup program will take it from there, instead of downloading them.

- Both files can be manually downloaded from:

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