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Versioning query

I'm currently working for an org that has legacy systems using Delphi 5, can anyone advise on whether CrossTalk will allow me to write functionality in Latest C# (version 7 at present) and consume in this legacy Delphi 5 app, using Borland Deplhi IDE?

*edit* if the answer is a resounding "No" does anyone know what version of C#/.NET code I "could" consume in a Delphi 5 app using CrossTalk?


CrossTalk does not support Delphi 5 and never has. We did at one time support back to Delphi 7, but for several years have been for Delphi 2009 and up only (Unicode). There are very very few users using pre 2009 versions and supporting older versions is very costly for us in terms of testing and because of compiler features lacking in older versions as well.

CrossTalk support any C# version as its dependency is not on C#, but .NET instead and is independent of C#.

You can use COM, but its horrible mess that I would avoid like the plague, especially when it comes to deployment. It would also require you to write C# wrappers to dumb it down to the COM interfaces. The COM support is also very very buggy in older Delphi compilers, especially very old ones like D5.

The issue is not the C# / .NET version, but your Delphi version. Internally we still support non Unicode (although its no
longer used), but the D5 compiler is missing several compiler features used by the code generated by CrossTalk and will not compiler in Delphi 5.

The only reasonable option I can see is to either move up to D2009 (likely not practical because of Unicode and 3P dependencies), or use D2009 or later to make a DLL which uses CrossTalk and then call that DLL from Delphi 5. That actually isn't that much work and will let you use CrossTalk via a newer Delphi compiler and still retain your existing D5 project without having to port it.
Thanks for your response chief, very much appreciated as I have never touched Delphi before Smile
Delphi 5 was released in 1999. So you are dealing with a very old version.

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