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(08-18-2020, 03:08 PM)fearcry Wrote: i did placed a TIdLogFile as an Intercept, the Stats-Section looks like this:

I see absolutely nothing wrong with that log, so the problem has to be elsewhere.

Do you have a handler assigned to the TIdIRC.OnServerStatsReceived event?  If so, are you trying to access the handler's AStatus parameter?  That event is triggered when the 219 response is received, but its AStatus parameter is always nil since handling of the 210 responses is not implemented at this time (I told you that in my very 1st reply to this discussion on July 31st - have you had me on a wild goose chase for 2½ weeks now?).

  LCommandHandler := CommandHandlers.Add;
  LCommandHandler.Command := '219'; {do not localize}
  LCommandHandler.OnCommand := CommandENDOFSTATS;


procedure TIdIRC.CommandENDOFSTATS(ASender: TIdCommand);
  if Assigned(FOnSvrStats) then begin
    OnServerStatsReceived(ASender.Context, nil); // TODO

So, there is really no point in sending a STATS command since TIdIRC is not going to give you back any meaningful stats data, unless you parse the 210 responses manually, either in the OnRaw event, or by adding your own handler to the TIdIRC.CommandHandlers collection.

Hello Remy,
let me say it wasnt on my scope that TIdIRC have this EventHandler, because i usually use just the OnRaw Event, i must tried
this EventHandler long Time in the Past and simply forget it that it is in use . . .  (please excuse me for that). 

I did removed this EventHandler  and now the Situation is free of Errors at the STATS Reply! 

let me finally say:
Not all IRC Servertypes support 210

Report for the most common IRC-Servers:

210 RPL_STATS                 used by aircd, inspircd, unrealircd (RPL_STATSHELP)

210 is NOT used by bahamut, ircu (DALNET) and ircd-seven (FREENODE)

thanks for helping


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