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Incorrect path to IL2CPU.exe in release

When I try to build a project, I got error:

Ошибка MSB6004 Указанное расположение исполняемого файла задачи "C:\Users\vinny\AppData\Roaming\Cosmos User Kit\Build\IL2CPU\IL2CPU.exe" является недопустимым. CosmosKernel2 C:\Users\vinny\.nuget\packages\\0.1.0-localbuild20190628100707\build\Cosmos.Build.targets 169

Not exactly translate:
The specified location of the task executable file "C:\Users\vinny\AppData\Roaming\Cosmos User Kit\Build\IL2CPU\IL2CPU.exe" incorrect.

It looks like it's trying to find the path where the Cosmos package is installed by default. However, I installed Cosmos in a non-standard way.
As a result, it can't find the IL2CPU compiler
Ive passed this on to the internal chat but for now you may need to trace the code to find out where or use the default location.
Where did you install the Cosmos package?

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