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Questions regarding Sys.Power
I have in my current code for my OS a routine that reboots the device if you give five incorrect passwords. However, when it reboots, it reboots back into the device(VMWare) without resetting any variables. Is this intended? And should I just wipe the variables on boot-up? They do not appear to persist between debug instances.

BTW, this forum is QUIET!
The forum is quiet because most people are using the chat or github.. we are trying to transition people to here rather than github so just post away. Smile

We do use the gitter chat though, but chat is only better for "talking live" issues.

As for reboot, just a temporary side effect. Memory isnt cleared right now.

You could add this to Cosmos pretty easily though.
Ok. I have a few lines of code in the before run section zeroing out the variables.

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