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Trying to send SSL email but cannot load library...
(05-05-2021, 10:21 PM)rlebeau Wrote:
(05-05-2021, 07:07 PM)BosseB Wrote: Regarding the experimental fix:
I am not used to GitHub and here I did only find a discussion, but there is a zipfile to download in the 3rd comment from top by JedrzejczykRobert.
Is this the modifications you refer to?

No.  The pull request I linked to has files coming from, you can download the actual files from there, just click on the green "Code" button and choose "Download ZIP", and then you can extract that over your existing Indy source files, and then recompile Indy.

I downloaded the zip now and since it contains such a lot of files I wonder if it is a complete new Indy10 installation in the zip?
There are lots of folders that do not even exist in my current installation, like:

And the lib folder on my Lazarus installation seems to contain the compiled binaries (so an output folder) whereas the Lib folder inside the zip contains loads of sources, in fact the Lib folder content looks a lot like what OnLine PackageManager deposited into the onlinepackagemanager/packages/Indy10 folder...

So do I overwrite the content of the existing OLPM Indy10 checkout with the content of the zip folder Indy-NewOpenSSL_PR/Lib?
I really do not want to hose a working Indy10 by doing this erroneously.
I looked at the file and it looks like the version is, same as what I have installed via OLPM.

I compared the files in the zip for folders Core, Protocols and System and the comparison turned out as shown in the attached images. A new folder OpenSSL has been added into the Protocols folder.
Would I be Ok to overwrite the three OnLinePackageManager folders with the files in the zip?

Notice that the comparison was done toward the 2.0.12 Lazarus/3.2.0 Fpc installation on my Winmdows laptop.
I don't have such comparison tools like WinDiff on Linux...

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