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Skipped Methods in generated Code
Hi kudzu,

Thank you for your reply. I will list up some functions which aren't generated:

1. public SPXRFTest. eRFTESTStatus getTermRTC(ref DateTime rtc)
2. public SPXRFTest. eRFTESTStatus getTermBatteryStatus(ref ushort VBattAct,ref ushort VBattMin,ref ushort VBattMax,ref SPXRFTest. eBattStatus VBattStat)

Parameter info:

rtc: System.DateTime

VBattAct: System.UInt16
VBattMin: System.UInt16
VBattMaxm: System.UInt16
VBattStat SPX_RFTEST.SPXRFTest.eBattStatus -> public enum eBattStatus (simple byte) -> this type was generated by CT

I for example have a function with similar parameters like "public SPXRFTest. eRFTESTStatus setTermRTC(DateTime rtc)", but this function was generated.

I tried to implement function 1 and 2 on my own, but I don't know the Parameter "aMethodID" for the function:

class function MethodCall(aObj: TObject; aClassName: string; aMethodName: string;aMethodID: Int32; aParams: TCTStreamWriter = nil): TCallRight;

The wrapper you mentioned...Can I write it without having access to the sourcecode of the DLL? Would you like to give me an example, if you are ok with that?

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