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Using DB grids
(02-11-2024, 04:56 PM)lfeliz Wrote: Sounds like your SQL statement is not static so defining columns at design are a not going to work.

Working with IWDBGrids is not as simple as VCL    A while back I used String grid to provide user an editable form, but ti was a very simple table where they only updated a few columns. I would  resolve the changes back to the table etc...  I will look for the code and try to share some details here as I did that about 10yrs ago... LOL

No, it's static alright: a TFDTable. And I did define columns manually at design time. The "problem" is that it does not read dataset at design time and so does not offer adding columns automatically and sets no column properties (like RowID), which is all available in the dataset and VCL grid would do all that seamlessly. It's just more manual than I would like it to be.

There's also TIWDBGrid. And it's also lacking any doco. Can that be made editable? Can it be styled? Is anyone using it? - and if yes, what for?

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