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System.OverflowException when calling ByteArray.AsDelphiArray
Im sorry this thread got buried over the holidays.

Yes it does give a big clue. But it would be very helpful to provide a simple use case. You dont need to pare down your existing application. You should be able to create a new project which demonstrates the situation and produces the crash. This will allow us to focus on fixing the issue and not trying to guess at what leads up to it.

As you can see what is going on in your app, this normally is pretty easy to reproduce in a new console demo. Can you see if you can repro it in a simple console app using CT? I can schedule the team to look at it with high priority then.


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RE: System.OverflowException when calling ByteArray.AsDelphiArray - by kudzu - 01-12-2022, 06:14 PM

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