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Can Indy10 be used on a Raspberry Pi?
(10-07-2021, 03:28 AM)BartKindt Wrote: While compiling a ItHTTPServer and an IdTCPServer for the Raspberry Pi, with {mode objfpc}, I get hundreds of 'Hints' which indicate to me it is not going to work at all.

Raspberry Pi is NOT officially supported by Indy. However, it is basically Linux-based, which Indy does support.

(10-07-2021, 03:28 AM)BartKindt Wrote: And indeed, it crashes on the first Thread.Create somewhere.

Do you have the cthreads unit in your uses clause?

(10-07-2021, 03:28 AM)BartKindt Wrote: This is the list of compiling problems (sorry, lots of it):

Some of those "Parameter "..." not used" warnings are true, but many of them are bogus. In fact, most of those hints are benign and can be ignored.

""formal parameter" not yet supported inside inline procedure/function" - I don't know what to make of that.

"Local variable/Function result variable"..." of a managed type does not seem to be initialized" - sounds like a compiler bug, since by definition a managed type is "managed" by the compiler and should always be initialized automatically.

In any case, you don't seem to be getting any compiler ERRORS, that is what is most important.


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