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Indy HTTP Server in linux daemon shutdown problem
(09-10-2021, 07:23 PM)BartKindt Wrote: What is happening (and this is a day of intense testing here) if that the system loops in "TerminateAllYarns" and does not come out of it.

Clearly not intense enough. The hanging shutdown is just a SYMPTOM of ANOTHER PROBLEM. TerminateAllYarns() is simply waiting for all client threads to fully terminate, but there is a client thread that is not terminating properly.

(09-10-2021, 07:23 PM)BartKindt Wrote: This is a BUG in the Indy system, and I cannot fix this

I am not convinced yet that this is a bug in Indy itself. There is obviously a deadlock occurring in the thread that owns the Yarn in question, but I have seen no effort yet to try to diagnose the root cause of THAT issue. You should be able to connect a client to the server and then use a debugger to step through that client thread and find out why it is not responding to the server being shutdown. The client thread is likely blocked on something and thus is not even seeing the server's request for termination.

(09-10-2021, 07:23 PM)BartKindt Wrote: can one of the Indy developers please try to fix this problem?

In any case, this has been recently discussed on StackOverflow: IdHTTPServer hangs on Shutdown in Linux. And is now reported in Indy's issue tracker as #375: HTTPServer loops on shutdown under Linux.


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