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Trying to send SSL email but cannot load library...
I am running a monitoring server on Linux (Raspberry Pi) and as part of the process an email with results is to be sent.
This is done using Indy10 and I have copied working code from another application elsewhere, which compiles fine.
However, when it runs I get an exception which logs this

Quote:ERROR: Exception during email send: Could not load SSL library.

I think that it is caused by some required package being non-available or so. Therefore I don't show any code.
If it is required I can also show the code.

But what is required on the Linux system for the SSL email to work?
On windows I think I had to get some dll to make this work...

After searching the web I found that there might be a ssl version clash here.
Installed on my RPi3 test machine is this:

$ openssl version -v
OpenSSL 1.1.1d  10 Sep 2019

And from a reply on a similar problem made by Remy Indy10 needs an earlier version.
Since I am on an ARM Linux (Debian style) on RaspberryPi there is no binary to download I assume...
So how to handle this?

In another reply in the same thread there is a statement that FPC 3.2.0 fixes all of that, but I have FPC 3.2.0 + Lazarus 2.0.12 on my RaspberryPi and it still issues these errors!

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