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(05-24-2020, 06:13 PM)kudzu Wrote: Unless you need it to be x64, you should use ANY. This is true for any .NET assembly, not only ones used with CrossTalk. ANY will run as x64 on x64 and x86 on x86.

Try this. Make a simple .NET assembly that only has one class with one method that returns something simple like an integer. This assembly is very basic and has no other dependencies.

Then see if you see any differences.

What Windows versions are each of these PCs?

I did the following with mixed results.  (Both of the original pc's are running windows 10; however, the old one was running an Intel chip and the new one is running an AMD Ryzen.) 

1.  I recompiled the original .net assembly on the new windows 10 box with the AMD Ryzen with "any cpu" and then I get the error:  "the selected file is not a .NET assembly or does not match the processor architecture."

2.  I then created new a simple assembly with one class and method on the new windows 10 Ryzen box.   It worked without issues.

3.  I then found a 3rd computer with windows 7 on it and an AMD processor and compiled the original assembly and copied it to my new windows 10 AMD box.   It then worked without issues.

This is very strange.

I looked deep at the original assembly. It is using 2 other assemblies. One of them is argon2:

I am sure it is something dealing with another assembly that it is usering.

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