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whats about Grids ?
in normaly VLC app's I use a lot of Grids. Its simple to handle and the user gets a quick overview about his data.

But  it seems , in Intraweb , they are treat like a bad thing.

I found no way to gets a 'Cursor' in TIWGrid to show the Current Row . I don't get a event , if a Row or a Col is clicked and so on.
So I use TIWListbox with a non proportinal font .

In dbGrid I found here in Forum a way to use it , and show the current record. I think, its a workaround using colums and reread the table by every change of that colums. But it works for small tables.

Did I miss something or accidently ignore it ? Or exist a better component ie to show a couple of data, and let the user choose one of them to work with ?

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