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How to install a license of an older version (1.0.68)

I have a legacy project (Delphi 2010) which uses Crosstalk 1.0.68. After years, we need to do some smaller modifications. I have already reinstalled Delphi 2010 and Crosstalk, but I don't remember how to activate the licence. I have a licence key and a link to a website with instructions:
Unfortunately, the link no longer works. Can someone provide me information how to activate the licence again?

Many thanks in advance

Many thanks. Now it works.

By the way: I opened this thread, because I was not able to find the docs site by browsing the website Now I know why. The link to the docs site on the following site is broken:

There is a reference to
I expect that has to be
Both doc and docs are valid, but one is the older site and most has been moved to the newer one. The blog post you reference is from 2009 (date says 2016, but that is because it was copied into the archive when we changed web software) and we generally don't update old blog posts.

The proper doc site is linked from the CrossTalk home page.

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