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Throttle multiples connections ? - Adrien - 01-30-2023


I'm wondering if there is a way to throttle a group of connections using a TIdInterceptThrottler, or some other way.

2 things I'm looking to achieve:

1) On the client side, I am using multiple connections to send data to a server. I want to be able to limit all these connections to a certain number of bits per second. Currently I'm able to throttle each connection individually, but not as a "group". A naive way would be to use n different TidInterceptThrottlers for n established connections and set BitsPerSec to MaxBytesIWant div n, but if some connections are no longer used, the remaining connection would be unnecessarily throttled to a lower value.

2) On the server side, certain uploads initiated by different clients are treated as the same global operation, and I would be able to allow them to be throttled as a whole. For example, set a specific BitsPerSec limit for all these connections.

Is there a way to do this with Indy 10?

Kind regards,