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Support for .net Core - Andreas - 09-22-2020


are there plans to support .net Core?

RE: Support for .net Core - kudzu - 09-22-2020

No, and there really isnt much of a need. .NET Core and .NET Macro can share the same libs and the major difference are the platforms it can execute them on. CrossTalk is Windows only, so supporting .NET core doesnt really bring anything to the table.

In short, .NET Core libraries can be executed on .NET Macro Framework and thus CrossTalk without the need to use .NET Core runtime.

RE: Support for .net Core - Andreas - 10-05-2020

Ah, good to know that my .net core 3.1 dll can be run.

Another question? Is there any documentation? is down since my first post.

RE: Support for .net Core - kudzu - 10-05-2020

The doc site is:

No s....

Some of the docs are also at the CT page on www.

RE: Support for .net Core - Andreas - 10-06-2020


I found the link at

=> Documentation

=> CrossTalk Documentation