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Supported Delphi Versions - nnolte - 09-20-2019


in the Download-section i read that requirement is Delphi 2009 and up, but in the Sample Code section is Delphi 7 code. So is Crosstalk working with Delphi 7 or not?

RE: Supported Delphi Versions - kudzu - 09-20-2019

Older versions of CT supported Delphi 7 but it was dropped many years ago.

Sample code is unchanged. What URL are you speaking of and what is specifically Delphi 7 about it?

RE: Supported Delphi Versions - nnolte - 09-20-2019

I have a big project which is still in Delphi 7 and it would be great to use crosstalk with it. So i want to know if it´s possible and if it´s possible, which version i must use.

RE: Supported Delphi Versions - kudzu - 09-20-2019

Yes and No.

Possible, yes. Supported, no.

Early versions of CrossTalk 1.0 supported D7 but we don't support CT 1.0 anymore.

The issue was as we added more advanced features to CrossTalk we needed to make a pragmatic choice and use newer compiler features to implement functionality rather than create large complex work arounds for very old compilers which few users still used.

What you can do though if you really need to get at .NET from D7 is to use CT in a newer IDE (D2009 or later) and then create a DLL. That DLL you then consume from D7. This will provide a bridge for you and D2009 can even easily and in most cases automatically perform the two way Unicode/ASCII conversion as well.

RE: Supported Delphi Versions - nnolte - 09-23-2019

Thanks for the info!