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IW 15.3.6 is out
Hi guys,

there is a new update available:

This version brings integration with Facebook OAuth API, extensions to the OAuth infrastructure, and some fixes as well.

New OAuth demo is being uploaded to our github repo 

Enjoy!  Big Grin
I am using Rad Studio 10.2.3 (C++ Builder) and I cannot run my application with this new version.
If I create a new Intraweb project it works.
But with the old one, the first error message was below:

1. [Fatal Error] The name BCC_OptimizeForSpeed. contains an invalid character ".".  
I had to open the project file manually and remove that character. But I have been compiling and running that project for years!

After that, I am getting that error message now:
2. [Fatal Error] Access violation at address 5005A7AB in module 'rtl250.bpl'. Read of address 57D09A44

I think you need to rebuild the new 15.3.6 version with Rad Studio 10.2.3! Because for sure there is something wrong!

Finally, I was able to have my old application compile and run!
But I think it will be a good thing to test this new version on your side with some old C++ Builder 10.2.3 to see if they can be compiled and linked with no problem!

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